Emerald Studios 2014 Model Search!! :Tricities Boudoir and Glamour Studio

Friday, March 7, 2014

As you may have noticed we are going through some changes here at Emerald Photography, for one we are now Emerald Studios! With that name change comes a new logo, a new website and some amazing new services that will be announced soon.   With all of THAT going on we are going to need some new marketing and promotional pieces so we decided to do a Model Search!!!! (insert crowd goes wild cheers here)
So what does this mean? It means that YOU, yes Y-O-U right there!! Can become the spokes model for Emerald Studios and enjoy all the awesomeness that goes along with that title!! We are looking for REAL women!! All shapes, all sizes, all ages (over 21) are encouraged to apply!!
Read on to get answers to your questions and then apply yourself and share with the amazing women in your life!! 3 ladies will be chosen to receive a complimentary photo shoot and one lucky winner will become the Emerald Studios Spokesmodel for 2014!!! To get additional info or to enter click on the Lets do this button below!

What does being a Spokesmodel entail?
Our spokes model will be the face of Emerald Studios and Beauty by Reese for the remainder of 2014.  She will have several photo shoots with us throughout the year and participate in some fun events! In return we get to use her images for any promotions and she tells all her friends how awesome we are:)
What we are looking for.....
Someone who loves what we stand for and will be our biggest cheerleader!! 
Female between the ages of 21 and 60 years old.
Someone who is comfortable enough to participate in boudoir/glamour sessions.
Must be available March 28th for the test photoshoot.
Must be willing to sign a model release, allowing us to use her images for promotions,facebook, etc.
Being fan of both the Boudoir by Emerald and Beauty by Reese facebook pages is a bonus!
This is for boudoir/glamour right? Do I have to wear lingerie if I am chosen as a finalist? If you follow us at all you know that we are all about making the women in front of our camera feel comfortable and beautiful.  We will be doing a in depth consult with all of our finalist to find out what they are comfortable with and we would never ask anyone to be photographed in something that they didn't feel good in.  We have some awesome photoshoots planned this year that include all sorts of amazing clothing!
Are hair and makeup included in the photo shoots you are offering for the finalists and winner? Of course!!! Models don't do their own makeup! lol Reese from Beauty by Reese is the exclusive makeup artist for our studio and will be pampering our finalists during their photoshoots!
Is this a bait and switch situation? I win and then I have to pay for something? That's just not how we roll.  We pride ourselves in being an honest and upfront about every thing.  We have outlined exactly what our finalist will receive so there is no question. 
How this works.....
*Entries will be accepted until March 20th.
*Our team will select 3 finalists and will announce them on March 24th.
*The 3 finalists will all receive test shoots, an 8x10 print of their choice and a
Be.You.Tiful T-shirt.  And dinner on us on March 28th!
*The 3 finalists, their test shoot images and their story will be posted for voting by the public.  The person with the most votes by April 21st wins!

So what are you waiting for?!! Enter today!!!

Joe+Samantha: Lucky in Love :Memories At Sunset Wedding

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Joe and Sam came in for their wedding consult and as we went through our normal getting to know you questions, I found out she had not been to my site.....nor my facebook page.....twitter? Nope!! They had never seen a single image of mine before coming in which was a first for me.  I remember asking her why she had decided to call me when she had never seen any images and she said "well, our wedding venue referred you, so did our officiant, we have the same hairdresser and she referred you and so did where I bought my dress. So we figured you must know what you are doing."  To me this was a huge compliment, not only were they willing to trust me with the most important day of their life, but other wedding professionals in our community were willing to trust me with their own client.
Joe and Sam are two of the sweetest, most smiley people I have ever met and we immediately bonded over corny humor, ridiculous jokes and The Princess Bride.  I just about jumped out of my skin when they told me she would be walking down the aisle to a song from the movie!
Their wedding day was filled with details that screamed "THIS IS JOE AND SAMS WEDDING!!".  Their theme was board games, which they love to play with each other, family and friends and yes games were played at the wedding!!!  Plenty of fun and theatrics (see groom getting dragged back to wedding) was had at this wedding and the love between them filled everyone's hearts. Every moment was perfection from start to finish complete with awesome dance moves and an incredible sunset to end the night.
Thank you Joe and Sam for letting me be a part of your perfect day it was an absolute blast!

 See below for a list of wedding professionals involved in this wedding.




Their guest table has images from their engagement session which I haven't blogged yet lol don't judge me.

 They used Jenga pieces as their "guest book" GENIUS!


I got a little misty eyed watching Mama watching her husband and daughter dancing.

 The groom's grandma giving some very important advice.
 DJ Steve always makes it impossible not to get down and boy did they GET DOWN!!

And they lived happily ever after. 

 This wedding was made successful by the friends and family of Joe and Sam and these wedding professionals:
Hair Design: Cassandra Harris at Rebecca's Galleria Salon
Makeup artistry: Angelica Rosenthal Rebecca's Galleria Salon
Dress: Amy's Bridal Boutique
Tux: Mens Warehouse
Venue: Memories at Sunset Event Center
Catering: Castle Event Catering
Cake: Cakes Be We
Officient: Stacey Miles Uniquely, I Do, the perfect wedding officiants for your ceremony.
DJ: Steve Johannis at Quality Entertainment
Flowers: Yokes 

The Disappearing Photographer: Follow me on my journey to health and happiness

Monday, January 27, 2014

So, I asked on my face book page recently, how many people made resolutions to get healthy in 2014 and how many would like to follow me in mine.  So here it goes!! If you know me, you know I am a "go big or go home" kinda girl so I made some pretty big goals for this year especially in regards to my health.  Before I continue let me throw in the small print "I am not a doctor, I just play on on tv:)  The information, advice and opinions given on this page are not intended to be a substitution for medical advice, contact your dr before beginning any new diet or exercise routine. Use caution when making comments, I will delete any rude, product pushing or just plain obnoxious comments"
Ok now that we got that out of the way, my two big health goals for this year are to lose 50 lbs, and to run a 5k in under 25 minutes.  I know that sounds like alot of weight to lose, but I have it to lose trust me and according to the medical charts I will still be considered "overweight" but whatevs! It is important to know that I am not doing this because of vanity, it is for health, my family has a history of diabetes and I have seen the ugliness of the disease.
Another important thing to know is that I won't be using any quick fixes, all diet and exercise and when I say diet I mean I will be changing my lifestyle of eating not going on a specific diet.  I lost 70lbs after the birth of my 2nd son, it wasn't easy and it took me almost 2 years but it can be done! Also, I love food, I love cooking and I have a major sweet tooth and I freak out if I feel like I am missing out on something so I have to get creative.  If you follow me on Pinterest you know all of this to be true.
Goals are awesome but if you don't have a plan to achieve them they just aren't going to happen. So here is the plan:
~lose 1-2 lbs a week
~reduce artificial sugar, alcohol, and focus on lean protein (cuz my dr told me my cholesterol was slightly high on my last visit)
~Intense workout at least 3 days a week- one hour of cardio, lift weights specifically focusing on building lean muscle.  I know myself and I can't commit to going to the gym 5 days a week.
~Keeping track of my food intake/kinda tracking calories.  I have the MyFitnessPal app you can follow me if you would like my user name is emeraldmama. I find tracking my food extremely helpful, if I'm not losing weight I usually know why and it usually involves chocolate or wine or both.
~Reduce stress, stress makes you gain weight, it just does and as a busy mom, wife and business owner I have my fair share.  I have reduced the number of sessions I am doing per month, and scheduled days off which I have never done.  I have hired a housekeeper to come to twice a month, check out L&G cleaning, they are awesome.  And I am delegating some of the household chores to my boys now that they are older.(and giving up control that its ok that the towels aren't folded right)

So that's the plan.  I'm sure it will be adjusted and flipped upside down and inside out during the course of this year but that's ok!  I will be documenting my progress, struggles, things that worked, things that didn't, and maybe if I get brave some progress pics.  I hope it will be a source of inspiration, information and I'm sure comedy at times the only thing I can promise, is it will be REAL.

Tips for Brides {Attending A Bridal Show} Bridal show secrets revealed!

Monday, January 6, 2014

As a bride it can be overwhelming with the amount of options and information available for your wedding day!! I was a bride once....ahem....never mind how long ago and I remember not knowing where to turn or begin.
With one of our local bridal show, Brides 2014 coming up this Sunday I thought I would give some tips for Brides that may be attending.  Bridal shows can be overwhelming but they are supposed to be fun!! Follow a few of these tips and you are sure to enjoy your bridal show experience.
PS. I will not have a booth at this show but I will be there as a hair model (flips hair over shoulder dramatically) for my friend and hair dresser Cassandra Harris so come visit me if you would like, I'll be there in the morning! 

Tips for an awesome bridal show experience

If you can tear him away from Sunday Football, bring your fiancĂ© with you. This is a show for couples, not just brides! Approximately 30% of the grooms-to-be do attend, so he shouldn't worry about being the only guy there and last year some of the vendors had the game on in their booth.  If your fiancĂ© can't/won't make it or even if he can, make sure to bring your mom, mother in law, bridesmaids or just a friend! Make it fun and get a "team" together! Read on to see how your "team" can help you throughout the show.

*Do your research on what vendors will be at the show, the website for the Bridal show should have them listed.  Make a list of what services you still need and who you want to make sure to visit and find them first!

*Make labels with your info.  This was the coolest thing I saw a bride do at one of the bridal shows I was at.  A lot of the booths will have giveaways and will ask for your contact information.  To save time and hand cramps, have labels premade with your NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE #, EMAIL, and WEDDING DATE if you know it.  Designate a member of your "team" as the label sticker on-er and when you find a giveaway you want to enter let them stick away! Make sure you are only signing up for giveaways you are actually interested in.  See why below......

*Bring a bag.  You will be getting a ton of information, and you will lose it if you stick it in your purse or pocket.  Bring a tote bag and stick everything in it so you can go through it later.  Designate a "team" member to be the pack mule errr um, I mean bag holder, so you are hands free to carry your champagne!

*Bring a notepad.  Make notes on vendors/ ideas that you loved.  You won't remember.  No really you won't! This could also be a job for a "team" member.  At the end of the show stick it in your tote bag so you have it when you go thru all the brochures, flyers and business cards. 

*Relax and enjoy the chaos (pretty much my motto for life) and plan on being at the bridal show for several hours, don't forget to wear comfortable shoes.

*Don't make hasty decisions!!
It IS true that a lot of the top wedding vendors will book up quickly especially right after a show.  HOWEVER, you do not want to have buyers remorse with anything that has to do with your wedding day! Make sure to schedule in person meetings before you put money down on any type of service (a true professional will WANT you to do this anyway) Some vendors will be offering deals if you book with them at the show but only do this if you have thoroughly stalked them and are SURE that they are the right one for you.  (See Prepare tips)

Important things most people don't realize about bridal shows:
*Anyone can buy a booth at a bridal show.  Most shows do NOT prescreening to make sure the businesses at the booth are legit and have a good reputation.  Scary right? Again this goes back to knowing who is there and stalking them like its your J_O_B before you hire them! I have heard too many horror stories about people hiring someone at a bridal show and then losing money when that person was no where to be found!
*The person at the booth may not be the owner or the person you will have at your wedding.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing but if it is important to you, make sure you are talking to the person that would be providing the service/ be at your wedding day or ask to set up a meeting with them.
*Early bird gets the worm: Alot of vendors provide samples (hello cake!) if you are shopping for something that possibly could have a sample out make sure to get there early so you don't miss out.
*After the show you will get emails from vendors.  Remember all those giveaways you signed up for? Well those vendors are going to be trying to get you in after the show, even if you didn't win.  Another reason to only sign up for giveaways that you are actually interested in winning and with wedding pros you actually want to use.

So that's all I got!! I hope I gave you some tips you can use and that you are jumping for joy from your experience!

I Heart You {Mini Sessions}

Saturday, January 4, 2014

What better way to start the year off {and my re-resolution of blogging every week, this year for realsy} than with my first ever I HEART YOU mini sessions!
Some things that we are doing to make your mini extra sweet, same day ordering and delivery of your digital images, AND you automatically get entered into our facebook FREE 11x14 canvas contest!!! The canvas alone is worth more than you pay for this mini session!! You don't want to miss out on this awesome special!
Check out the details below then call to book your appointment today! (509)531-1653

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