Tuesday, July 22, 2014

If you follow me regularly you know that I have been working on my fitness this year. I tried doing it myself for several months but it turns out I am HORRIBLE at keeping myself accountable so I enlisted the help of my friend, client and personal trainer Melissa Fillmore. Melissa helped whip me into shape last year and after just 2 months with her I have already noticed a big difference! (someday I will post before and afters) As a busy Mom of 5, yes I said FIVE, Melissa has a unique perspective and gives us a great reminder for summer fitness, also check out some images from our recent pinup shoot!

As the weather hits higher temperatures and the kids are home for weeks of what seems like a parent’s endless need to entertain, we shouldn’t forget a most important priority……ourselves.
Summer may be busy but it’s not the time to let ourselves go. Fitting a workout in doesn’t have to take a lot of time or cause extra stress. Work it into the activities you already have going on. Go swimming with the kids. Mow the lawn. Go for a walk before it gets unbearably warm. Play a game of horseshoes or Frisbee. You don’t have to go to the gym to burn calories. In fact, studies have shown that you will be more motivated to workout longer when you go outside.
Summer doesn’t have to be a time to completely let go. Eat sensibly, get up and move, and enjoy the sunshine. Be conscious of adding movement to your day, but be realistic. Enjoy the kids, and maybe one Pina Colada……..

~Melissa Fillmore, Personal Trainer, Fitness Model, NPC Competitor

Hunters and Carharts: Tricities Engagement Session

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I had such a fun time photographing this sweet couple in one of my favorite spots!  When they asked what they should wear for their session, I asked them what they normally wear and she said Carharts and tshirt and jeans.  I said wear that, I want you to be yourself!! For a little fun we paired her Hunter boots with her shirt dress, result: Adorable e-sess that fits them perfectly!!

Earl Thomas meet and greet

Thursday, June 26, 2014

I had such an great time at the Earl Thomas meet and greet.  This was my first time shooting an event on my own for Emerald Studios and Power 99.1.  No pressure! 
A lot of people showed up to this event and the lines extended around the corners. Everyone was filled with excitement and showing off their Seahawks spirit. Seahawks chants filled the air to pump up the crowd for Earl. When he arrived with his posse in a Hummer stretch limo the crowd went wild!! Earl was really friendly to his fans, you could tell he truly appreciated everything about this event. It was a great experience, GO Hawks!

*If you see yourself in an image and would like a complimentary digital copy please contact Emerald Studios*
Me with Earl Thomas

Reka from Power 99.1


Your unmentionables....mentioned!! {Washington Wardrobe Stylist}

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Skivvies, chonies, knickers, drawers,panties, unmentionables....... No matter what you call them, we are mentioning them!!
I had a question on my face book page about undergarments and what to wear with what.  This is a topic I cover when I do a closet audit and yes, I will dig into your underwear drawer if necessary because I think your undergarments can make or break your outfit.  Just to be clear, we aren't talking about lingerie, that is a whole other topic that we will cover later and we will cover bras later as well.
But for now lets talk about your every day duds that should be complimenting your outfit. There are a couple styles of underwear that I think every woman should have: thong, brief, and shape wear.  Depending on your preferences you may have more or less of one of these this types.
Some general rules to follow:
*match your underwear to your clothing.  Your underwear should NOT SHOW under or through your clothes.  So no hot pink thongs under your white linen pants ladies! We have all seen it, its not ok. 
*I know I say it in every post but it is true for undergarments as well, FIT is the most important thing.
*good undergarments are an investment, buy one pair and try it for awhile before buying one in every color.
*shapewear is your friend. Like your BFF.
I am a big fan of shape wear for all, but not all shapewear is created equal and I find that a lot of women are intimidated by it. Your shapewear should hold things in and smooth things out but never pinch, create bulges or cause discomfort.  Every body is different and you have to try different styles and cuts to see what works and is comfortable for you. One of my favorite brands is SPANX, they offer a wide variety of products for every size, shape and need and they sure know how to hold things in.
Another brand I am obsessed with is Dear Kate this is some seriously comfortable underwear people!! This is your every day go to underwear, its super soft, moisture wicking, stain releasing and most importantly PRETTY! They also cater to all shapes and sizes and have a variety of styles.
The right undergarments are an essential part of a woman's wardrobe, do yourself a favor and pick the right one.

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